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Boggle Sprint Metrics

Boggle Sprint metrics for all games on

Boggle Sprint High Scores

Boggle Sprint High Scores for all games on

Boggle Sprint

Boggle Sprint - Flash Prototype

Baffling Bouncers Spheroids Replay

Replay of a high-scoring solution for the Baffling Bouncers Spheroids level

Baffling Bouncers High Scores

High score tables for each of the levels in Baffling Bouncers

Baffling Bouncers

Baffling Bouncers is a Flash game that uses a game mechanic that I'm playing around with

Dominion Card Game

This is a Flash implementation of a single player vs. multiple AIs version of the Dominion Card Game published by Rio Grande Games. All cards in the base game are implemented. The official rules can be found here:

Cirque du Flea Metrics

Metrics for Cirque du Flea games played on

Cirque Du Flea High Scores

Cirque Du Flea High Scores for all levels

Cirque Du Flea (Shootem)

Cirque Du Flea - Flash Prototype


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