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Cirque Du Flea (Shootem)

Cirque du Flea started out life as a game prototype called Shootem, which won "Most Fun Game" at a Pogo hackathon. It then became a full-fledged Flash game on

The Goal
Get the Flea Acrobats (in the Flask) to the Target (Tuna can or Shotglass)

The Elevator Pitch
Cirque du Flea is a level-based physics puzzle game set in a Flea Circus where Flea Acrobats and Flea Cannonballs perform feats of daring in an intricately choreographed sequence of stunts.
Your job is to launch the Flea Cannonballs in such a way that the Flea Acrobats can complete their performances, earning maximum style points from the judges and cheers from the audience

DangerDon (Don Laabs)